2023 Kitchen Trends based on the latest Sub Zero & Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Winners!

2023 Kitchen Trends based on the latest Sub Zero & Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Winners!

2023 Kitchen Trends based on the latest Sub Zero & Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Winners! 

We like to look at predicted trends for the next year every year. We can ask our sales team what they are noticing in our customer's work, we can ask you, or we can ask the trade (aka, designers, builders, and architects) what they are adding to the homes they are working on in 2023 to see those trends. This year we took a look at our friend's Sub Zero & Wolf's Kitchen Design Contest latest winners to see what we might be seeing more of next year. Below are the latest winners of the KDC (kitchen design contest), and we'll dive deeper into some aspects we will keep seeing next year! 


1st Place Contemporary Kitchen: Brighton House - Adam Kane Architects

How Gorgeous and Modern is the kitchen! It features a highly minimalist approach to the kitchen, with the fridge, ovens, steam oven, and other appliances on the right hall side covered in a block of beautiful deep wood and matched with a gorgeous white marble centerpiece. The white marble is the kitchen's star, draping the entirety of the central kitchen, even the backsplash. Finishing off the main kitchen is a minimal sink faucet and an induction cooktop.

1st Place Transitional Kitchen - Redwood Retreat - De Giulio Kitchen Design 

This kitchen matches a few details from the first-place contemporary winner. Whereas traditional design can sometimes feel prim and stuffy, and modern design can lean too heavily on the sleek and streamlined look, transitional style design samples elements from each aesthetic to form an equally classic and fresh feel. The kitchen is draped in a dark wood that accents the light-colored countertop and matching backsplash. Unlike the modern, the appliances still play a significant role in the kitchen with the extensive 60" range and large built-in fridge and freezer. What we find most interesting in this kitchen is the sink placement! The Designer used the grand window (that opens in an accordion fashion) as the main focus of this kitchen. Because of the focus, they moved the sink out of the way but still in a highly functional space! 

First Place- Traditional Kitchen- Texas Hill Country Home - Bouton and Foley Interiors

This house is so unique and beautiful, and while most wouldn't think of this as traditional, it's easy to imagine yourself in this kitchen somewhere in Europe! The traditional design is inspired by tradition. It's a timeless style taking cues from the 18th and 19th centuries, incorporating classic art, antiques, and pieces with history. While this kitchen is deeply routed in traditional style, the colorful countertops, modern range, and countertops brighten the space perfectly. It's easy to see why this kitchen won 1st place. 


No matter your kitchen design style looking at winning kitchen designs gives you a jumping-off point of things that will make your kitchen beautiful for a long time to come. We highly recommend working with a designer on your next large home project. They are there to help you build the kitchen you dream of while making sure even the most modern home is routed in tradition and timelessness. We have included a few other placing kitchens from the KDC. More can be found here!

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