4 Stylish Trends in Decorative Plumbing for 2021

4 Stylish Trends in Decorative Plumbing for 2021

4 Stylish Trends in Decorative Plumbing for 2021

We went right to the source to get this year's trends, see what our Plumbing team says and their favorite products to fit the trends. From Color to product innovations the options are endless, and while these are “trends” these products will look good in your home for years to come. 

Jodi’s Favorite: New Style of Shower Head 

For years there was one style of shower head for plumbing fixtures. The classic style is attached to an arm. Then after that, we saw the rise of the waterfall showerheads. And while most custom homes have multiple shower heads, we were wanting something new! In comes the Spotwater by Gessi. Gessi is an Italian brand made in Italian. The Spotwater is intriguing because it is so new to the shower. It is the perfect combination of advanced technology, high design, high quality, and high design. With a swiveling design, Spotwater represents an architectural technology with exquisite style. The Spot water comes in a variety of metals, strong textures, and less accentuated options. 

Marilynn’s Favorite: The Necessary Steam Shower 

In this day of age, wellness is necessary and not a luxury, But a steam shower combines wellness and luxury into the ultimate bathroom combo, but that is not all a steam shower offers. Steam is good for you! A steam shower is one of the best things you can do for your body daily. Steam can help relieve stress, allergies, promote deep sleep, cleanse the skin, and more. Not only are steam showers Eco Friendly as a 15-minute steam shower consumes on average 2 gallons of water compared to 17 gallons for a shower, or even 40 gallons for a conventional bath. Mr. Steam’s steam showers are our favorite steam showers because of the minimal style and the bonus essential oil therapy built-in! 

Steph’s Favorite is a Style: Transitional Plumbing Design

Transitional is a common design style favorite among our customers, it is a marriage of traditional and contemporary furnishings, finishes, and materials. It combines soft lines with a few bold choices. Steph has a few products that represent this style perfectly. 

Waterworks: The Henry 

The Henry is a line by Waterworks, influenced by industry and art. It transitions between modern and traditional, utilitarian, and classic settings. Shown below is the Henry Low Profile three-hole deck mounted Lavatory Faucet with Metal cross handles. Shown in Nickel. 

Knurling Accents on Brizo Litze

Knurling Accents have been a trend in the few years, and we do not see them leaving anytime soon. Knurling is a manufactured process usually conducted on a lathe, whereby a pattern of straight, angled, or crossed lines is pressed and rolled into the metal. It creates a utilitarian touch to a timeless plumbing faucet. 

Cal Faucet Descanso. 

The cylindrical shape of the Descanso Faucet has been a favorite among our clients and it is easy to see why. The Descanso is Industrial and classic, but a kitchen faucet that will make a statement. The Descanso features hashmark knurling on the handles. Faucet design like the Descanso is where Plumbing Design takes place! 

Mary’s Favorite: Smart Technology in Plumbing Fixtures

It is the 21st century and we expect our purchases to work as if they are in the 21st century. That means products are no touch to start, can be turned on by a cell phone, have Bluetooth, and more. This Rainpad by Hansgrohe does all that and more. The best way to explain it is to show it. The next clip will show you the features of the Hansgrohe Rainpad. 



Now is a great time to meet with our Plumbing Sales team to start upgrading your bathroom! Whether its the Spotwater by Gessi, the Steam Shower by Mr. Steam, a smart shower with Hansgrohe, or just a new style! Give us a call to set your next appointment! 

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