Bread and Butter: Appliances at MLD

Bread and Butter: Appliances at MLD

MLD Bread and Butter: Appliances 

MLD is more than a beautiful showroom. A deep dive in appliances, installation, and appliance outlet.
Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances at MLD
While our showrooms are one of a kind for most appliance stores, we are not simply a beautiful showroom. Not only do we have appliance displays for home projects, but also a display for commercial projects! Do not forget our appliance outlet, where you can always find the best deal on appliances. With years of business, MLD has added hardware and plumbing, but appliances are our roots. 

An appliance store does not convey what the MLD showroom is.

Our showrooms are unique, and we believe an impressive showroom is an important part of the purchasing experience. Who does not remember going to the unmentionable hardware store, gliding through their kitchen displays, and pretending it's your house! The experience in the appliance showroom allows the customer to imagine the possibilities of the kitchen, so we had to go a step further. Why only show the kitchen when those kitchens can be live and installed? Why not add a chef who cooks demos for our guests twice a week? Or our front desk bakes a batch of cookies? What smells more like home than a batch of cookies? So, while the experience of the appliance store and kitchen displays is crucial for visualization, the showroom must also have a function and purpose, like the kitchen! So yes! MLD is an Appliance Store like you grew up exploring, but even better! Visit one of our showrooms today
Boise, Idaho Sub Zero, Wolf Display

We are not Appliance Installers.

We do a lot, but we can not do it all. Though 30 years of business, the biggest lesson we have learned is, we can not do it all! Our goal is always to deliver outstanding customer service, but installation is not where we succeed! We have attempted, trust us, but our resources are better elsewhere. For this reason, we are working with top installers in the three states in which we work, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. If you have any questions or need help finding an installer in either of our three states, our customer support team is here to help

Let us help hire a professional to install your appliances. That way you qualify for manufactures warranty!

The Hidden Gem, our Appliance Outlet!

Our best-kept secret in our Salt Lake City showroom is our appliance outlet! At our outlet, you can find the best products at a discount. Although there are many reasons why the product is in the outlet, there is always a gem. The point is there is much to adapt to appliances, which seems surprising, right? But think about it, the refrigerator is a product that often comes to the outlet. You order a right hinge, but you need a left hinge. If we cannot sell it at market price, it goes to the outlet. During shipping to us, the back of your fridge is dented, not something you would ever see, but not what you bought. We work with our manufacturers to get you a new one, and the dented refrigerator goes to the outlet. That is only the refrigerator. Not to mention that appliances are constantly being released and updated, therefore our displays are updated. Our display appliances are used in our cooking demonstrations, so they go to the outlet. Our outlet is changing weekly. To discover what is currently in inventory, email Nick
Visit our Appliance Outlet, at our Salt Lake City Showroom - MLD



If you are not in Salt Lake City, we have our annual closeout sale, where every location has its outlet sale, but everything is discounted lower for just one day. To be notified when our next closeout sale is, join our newsletter.

Appliances at MLD


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