Five New Trends in Hardware Fixtures This Year

Five New Trends in Hardware Fixtures This Year

Five Trends in Hardware Fixtures This Year

Hardware is typically overlooked in interior design, yet hardware can make the biggest difference on securing your space to appear complete. Here are the top five trends this year we've followed in hardware, cabinet, and plumbing hardware. 



The Bigger the Better in Cabinet Fixtures


Long gone are the short pulls on cabinet fixtures, this year the bigger the better! Pulls are ranging from 6 - 21 inches long for a cabinet fixture, but are even longer on refrigerator doors. Cabinet fixtures are so elongated, we are building a new display for our longest cabinet fixtures at our Salt Lake City showroom. An example of this is from our Jackson Showroom. The cabinet fixture is from Rocky Mountain Hardware. The rail fixture pull (CK285) is shown in white, bronze, light patina. Kitchens and cabinet fixtures are longer than ever, causing the cabinet's to display as long, sleek, and modern.


MLD Jackson Showroom, Rocky Mountain Hardware CK285 in White Bronze, Light Patina


It's All About Texture and Color in Hardware Fixtures


This year is the year of color in hardware fixtures! From flat black, gold and copper, exposed screws, and glass when you're buying your hardware fixtures this year consider color and texture. When it comes to texture, the sky's the limit. While sleek, flat hardware is classic and timeless, adding texture to your hardware allows you to keep hardware in classic colors like chrome, stainless, and nickel with a detail that adds visual interest. Below are a few of our favorite ways color and texture has been added to hardware fixtures. 


From Sun Valley Bronze, their Barn Door Track shown in brushed brass. By adding the brushed element to brass, the hardware has detail and dimension, in a classic and timeless manner.


From Rocky Mountain Hardware, their Trousdale series adds the element of texture to their pulls. From up close, it looks like the flat end of many nails. 



Wow! Texture! This Sun Valley Bronze project is full of texture! Their GH-630 hardware fixture is in the scalloped grip pull in the W3 finish. What a statement! 



Once again Sun Valley Bronze nails it with a little bit of texture on a timeless door. Their TS-953FD front door set with L-115 large square lever is beautiful while still creating an impact. 



The Workstation of Plumbing Fixtures

While there are plenty of trends in color, shape, size in plumbing fixtures, nothing has taken our hearts like the Galley Sink. The Galley sink, is everything in one. Your Prep Station, your sink, your bar, you serving area, and your clean up all in one fully integrated prep station. The Galley comes in many sizes and forms but our favorite is the Galley Dresser. The Dresser is available in four sizes, from 4ft to 7ft, and available in thirteen high gloss exterior finishes. The Galley Dresser comes with the complete assortment of culinary tools. Our new Dacor Display at our Salt Lake City Showroom has the 5ft Galley Dresser on display today! 


From our Salt Lake City Showroom, the Galley Dresser in the Dacor Kitchen.



The Galley Dresser in Eucalyptus



Use the Galley Sink as a Prep Station for your Dinner



Serve your guests with a beautiful display on The Galley Sink



 Hardware Fixtures Matter, Elevate your Home Design with Hardware, Cabinet, and Plumbing Fixtures

Whether a new home, a renovation, or just a room redesign, don't forget the impact that hardware fixtures have on your design. By adding beautiful elements of hardware to your project you add value to the impact of your home. Through long pulls, color and texture, or splurging on a Galley Dresser, hardware truly is the finishing piece of every project. 


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