How to Find the Perfect Faucet

How to Find the Perfect Faucet

How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

Style is important when choosing a facet for your bathroom, but the faucet function can’t be forgotten! 

Choosing a faucet can be daunting. Styles are endless. It can be overwhelming with material, finish, price, and shape choices. At MLD, we have a team of experts ready to help you find something you love. 

Looks over Function?

While it is important to most that a faucet looks beautiful in your home, don’t be like most who choose solely based on looks without diving deeper into function. Looks are essential to the house’s aesthetics, but a good faucet shouldn’t compromise long-term dependability. For advice on practical choices, we talked with our Plumbing team; here’s what we learned. 

Spend enough but not too much!

Plan to spend at least $200 on bath faucets and at least $450 on a kitchen faucet. Spending more is like upgrading a car, adding more features or style than the standard model. You might get a stylish faucet for less, but it’s more likely that you will have a low-quality one and have to replace it sooner. 

Be Mindful of the Faucet reach and spout height.

Faucets vary in height and reach, but considering the two elements will help to make a better selection for your home. Height comes into play when something is above the sink. Reach is how far the sink spout comes out from its base. A short spout often leads to spills behind the faucet, whereas a long spout leads to water splashing onto the person. Purchasing a faucet without first taking measurements of the space can be costly. 

Ceramic Valves!

An upgrade in functional sinks is a ceramic valve. Unlike its counterpart, a ceramic valve prevents a faucet from drip-free leakage for years. 


The majority of plumbing brands carry a vast array of faucet finishes. Our popular finishes are polished chrome, satin nickel, brass, and new-to-the-scene matte black.

Chrome is the most durable finish and the easiest to clean. If your faucet gets heavy use, it’s best to consider the finish in your purchase choice. 

 Satin Nickle is typically labeled as brushed, satin, stainless steel, and brass and has a dull shine (think of your kitchen appliances). They are durable but prone to water spots and fingerprints. So they are harder to keep clean and can show more wear and tear. 

Black, the newest to the market, is heavy on style but low on ease and durability. It shows heavy watermarks and requires constant cleaning. If your heart is set on black, consider using it in a low-traffic area, not a public space or kids’ bathroom. 

Sink Holes Matter! 

Before your appointment with MLD, count the holes in your faucets. For example, a bathroom sink might have a faucet and a left and right temperature gauge. A kitchen faucet might have a sink, side sprayer, or a built-in soap container. 


No matter your style or home needs, our plumbing team is experienced and ready to help you find the perfect faucet. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, call us at 801.466.0990, so we can set you up with an appointment with someone from our sales team. 

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