Our Favorite Appliance, The Steam Oven, And Why You Need It In Your Home.

Our Favorite Appliance, The Steam Oven, And Why You Need It In Your Home.

Our Sales Team and In House Chef's favorite appliance is in, it's the Steam Oven.  

Chef Shirley, our in-house chef at MLD, and our appliances know-it-all sales team say steam ovens are a must-have. A steam oven is the latest and greatest in kitchen appliances, and no kitchen is complete without one. They can cook like a regular oven plus the bonus of steam, making everything you cook moist and delicious.


What is a Steam Oven? 

The first domestic steam oven was invented in 1983 by the imperial brand based in Brunde, Germany. The first steam oven was a formal pressure cooker that was difficult to install and difficult to use. Today, steam ovens are either equipped plumbed or not plumbed. Plumbed units automatically receive water, while non plumbed steam ovens require manually filling the reservoir with water. The new steam oven makes them an easy addition to any kitchen. While the modern steam oven is not new, it is a product that few are aware of or know the uses. The addition of the steam oven in a kitchen is a great way to explore a new way of cooking that we love! 

How Does a Steam Oven Work? 

The steam oven works like a combination oven in that it works in many ways. You can use the steam oven as a regular oven, a combination oven with steam and heat mode, or steam only mode. A steam oven is a great way to reheat food and make it as delicious as the first day. The steam oven works by moving water from a built-in water tank and heating it to a boil. Once the water has boiled, the steam is pushed into the oven. The steam circulates which creates an even cook on your food. Some steam ovens have a menu setting and a manual setting allowing you to customize the preparation of your food. Steam ovens are an easy way to add cooking power to your kitchen, which allows you new and delicious ways to make a meal. 

Advantages of a Steam Oven 

There are many advantages of owning a steam oven and a few disadvantages. Steam ovens benefit those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle through healthy cooking. The Steam Oven creates better quality food by cooking food slowly with moisture. The steam oven can be a replacement for the microwave because they keep the nutrients and taste in the ingredient without drying them out. The steam oven adds variety and versatility to your everyday cooking. Eat well and deliciously with a steam oven. 

Disadvantages of a Steam Oven 

While Steam Ovens are a fantastic resource for those looking for a healthy lifestyle, they may not work for all. The Steam oven is not cheap. They are a luxury appliance that does not fit in all budgets. Steam ovens take up a lot of space. Steam ovens need to be cleaned after each use. They are also slower than a microwave. Finally, there is a learning curve to a steam oven. While a steam oven adds versatility and health to the foods you cook, they might not work for everyone. 

What Steam Oven Should I Buy? 

At MLD we believe that steam ovens are a necessity in a kitchen, so which one should you get? The perfect steam oven is the one that works best for you. At MLD we recommend you meet with someone from our appliance sales team. Our sales team will help you find the steam oven that works best for you. The perfect steam oven for you could be the one that matches the rest of your appliances. Think matching handles, all one brand, uniform design. Some examples are the Wolf steam oven, Thermador steam oven, or Gaggenau steam oven. Or, the best steam oven for you could be the one that is the easiest to use. The best steam oven for you could be a steam oven that has preset menu settings for the most common ingredients most users cook. The Miele steam oven is a great option for those who want to cook using a preset menu. The Miele steam oven has a preset menu that allows you to enter the items you are cooking. It takes the ingredients and tells you when to put each ingredient inside. That way, your meal is finished and hot at the same time. Finding the right steam oven for you is a personal decision. Our team at MLD is ready to help you find the right one for you. 

I Have a Steam Oven but Need Help! 

MLD knows you will love having a steam oven in your home. But like any new piece of technology, there is a learning period. That is why Chef Shirley hosts monthly steam oven classes in our Salt Lake City showroom. This class is the best first step in learning about your steam oven. Shirley prepares a full meal and completes it in 20 minutes. After everyone has eaten, Shirley answers any questions on your specific steam oven. If you have been to our class and need further help, we recommend emailing Chef Shirley at chef@mld.com. Shirley has many resources to make sure you love your steam oven as much as we do!

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