Washlet vs Bidet Which One is For Me?

Washlet vs Bidet Which One is For Me?

Washlet vs Bidet Which One is For Me?

At MLD, we offer both Washlets and Bidets at a Showroom near you. Ditch the toilet paper for an extra level of cleanness and freshness. 

Every bathroom has standard fixtures that we appreciate and love- sink, shower, bathtub, toilet- then there are the obscure fixtures that tend to raise questions—for example, the bidet and its lesser-known sister, the washlet. The Washlet and Bidet are the perfect examples of bathroom confusion in the US. These lesser-known toilet-related fixtures garner confusion unless you are touring the UK and everything is different there. So many questions, and we have the answers.


Do I need a Washlet or Bidet? 

Bidets are a cross between a shower and a toilet! It uses water to clean yourself after using the bathroom. Bidets are separate entities from the toilet. They are typically staged next to the toilet for a two-step bathroom process. A washlet is a seat that replaces a standard toilet seat and typically comes with several cleaning options, including wash, dry, positioning, pressure, heat, and more. 

Washlets and Bidets have continued to gain in popularity for several reasons. 

  • They’re eco-friendly = and no toilet paper is needed. I’m sure we all remember the frenzy of the toilet paper shortage during Covid 19. 
  • They help keep your toilet and pipes in good working order. (No Paper = No Clogs) 
  • An additional level of cleanliness! 
  • Add luxury to a dirty routine and are available at various budgets.

Washlets offer a two-in-one saving space for those looking for the clean factor of a bidet. 


Reinvented from the bidet, the Washlet. 

The term “washlet” was coined and trademarked by Toto plumbing in 1980, a manufacturer we carry at the plumbing showroom near you at MLD that remains the best seller of the washlet toilet seat. Toto has an array of washlets’ for styles that will compliment your home’s aesthetic. Toto Washlets and other washlets fit most standard North American-style toilets. Installing is as easy as changing the toilet seat. Since its launch in 1980, Toto has sold more than 50 million washlet seats worldwide, starting a global revolution from wiping to washing.

Washlet Pros: 

  • Space Saver! A washlet removes the need for another fixture and the plumbing roughs that come with it. 
  • Many Washlets include other features for additional comfort. Some models have warmed seats, warm air dryers, self-deodorizer, self-cleaning, front and back wash settings, auto open and close and auto flush. Some even have motion lights or the ability to set user preferences. 
  • A washlet looks like a regular toilet seat. A Washlet has a seat, unlike a bidet that typically replicates a urinal. Some upgraded toilets have built-in washlet seats, like the Toto Neorest and the Duravit SensoWash. 
  • Easy to install! A washlet replaces your existing toilet seat and lid. It only needs an electric outlet close by. 
  • The seat is more comfortable than a bidet. 
  • You can add a washlet after the home is built, service providers are available on KSL, whereas a bidet requires plumbing included with home construction.
  • If your washlet gets old or breaks, Toto seat replacement is inexpensive, allowing you to update your washlet with the latest features whenever you need or want to. 

Washlet Cons: 

  • More Expensive! A Washlet with all the features come at a steep price.  
  • Some users do not like the exposed connections that can detract from the clean appearance. However, there are more affordable options. 

The Toto Toilet Washlet has, over the years and 50 million units sold. 

The old-fashioned classic, the Bidet.  

The bidet is primarily a European Fixture that never gained popularity in the United States. It’s a freestanding toilet-like tub with an attached faucet. 

Bidet Pros: 

  • Some users find that bidets are more comfortable to sit on; this is a personal preference. Make sure to test different models before you buy. 
  • The bidet faucet allows users to manually adjust the water pressure instead of being confined to settings. Bidets often offer more pressure.
  • Washlets have a hot water line where washlets rely on an instant hot heater that does require replacement. 
  • Due to their limited features, a bidet may cost less than a washlet. Prices range, but remember to factor in installation costs. 

Bidet Cons: 

  • Bidets are not common in the USA. Remember to factor in the resale value of your home if you include a bidet. 
  • A bidet requires more floor space and isn’t always a good fit for those with a smaller home. They also need more plumbing costs. 
  • One must move from the toilet to the bidet. A washlet is a more seamless process of getting clean.
  • The water spray reach is more limited than a washlet. 

Final Thoughts

Level up your bathroom routine by adding a washlet or bidet. Whether you choose a washlet or bidet, you are helping reduce waste, add luxury, and get a new level of cleanness and freshness every time! Our Plumbing team is highly knowledgeable in all things Washlets and Bidets. If you have any other questions, we recommend making an appointment to answer them.

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