Why You Should Get a Multifunctional Kitchen Island in Your Home

Why You Should Get a Multifunctional Kitchen Island in Your Home

Why You Should Get a Multifunctional Kitchen Island 

The Kitchen Island is a must-have item in most of our client’s homes. If you have the space to afford a kitchen island, here is why you need it to be multifunctional.

The best thing about kitchens is that they’re able to be multifunctional. A kitchen island should be a great prep area, especially if it has a built-in sink, an impromptu office space with plugs and chargers ready to go, and a do it all center for small projects around the home. An Island in a kitchen is the central meeting space of a home. But versatility doesn’t stop here. Your kitchen island can come in any shape or size and are a necessity to open plan living spaces. But ensuring that your island can do everything you do around an island requires multifunctionality. 

A Multifunctional Sink, The Galley

In your Galley, you can chop, strain and mix quickly and ergonomically to prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a cooktop nearby. Using various Serving Boards, quickly and conveniently transform your prepare and cook station into a service station or set out drinks and hour’s devoured to create an ideal entertainment station, all while containing the mess! Think of all the saved space you can use for another purpose! At MLD, one of our favorite ways of integrating multifunctionality into the island is with a Galley Workstation sink. 

The Galley Workstation has quickly become the most used appliance in the kitchen. All meal preparation, cooking, serving, entertaining, and washing can be done using the fully functional Culinary System. The Galley is beneficial in every size and type of kitchen. The Galley is not a traditional kitchen sink where you lose workspace. The Workstation maximises space with three tiers of functional and ergonomic workspace. The vertical, layered Galley system utilises Cutting Boards, Drying Racks, Colanders, Mixing Bowls, and other tools to add workspace to your kitchen. Our generously proportioned and thoughtfully engineered Culinary Tools enable you to perform every task inside of The Workstation, containing the mess within the system throughout the process. 

The Galley Workstation adds multifunctionality in a space just a little larger than your kitchen sink! 


Still our Favorite, the multifunctional Steam oven! 

We’ve talked about the Steam Oven extensively! If you missed it, check out all Steam Ovens’ details! Steam Ovens, by nature, are multifunctional. They have multiple functions making them the ultimate do-it-all appliance in our minds! A Steam oven fits a sheet pan but is about half the size of the oven. A Steam oven allows you to cook on steam, bake, broil, proof, and combination modes. A Stream oven makes cooking easy to make and easy to clean up. Everything is a one-dish clean-up. 

A Galley Work Station and Steam Oven are just two of our favorite ways to add multifunctionality to your kitchen island, but the options are limitless. An Interior Design will be the most helpful in designing spaces that fit you and your family’s needs. Still, our team at MLD works with local designers daily and may have some helpful tips on how appliances, plumbing, and even hardware can add multifunctionality to your entire home. 




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