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Favorite Cereal: Frosted Flakes


Alisha is an appliance sales executive who works closely with builders and homeowners, creating kitchen atmospheres that reflect each client's personality. She has 7 years of sales experience and has been with Mountain Land for five.

Alisha attended the Art Institute of Salt Lake City for Interior Design, and her knowledge on composition and perspective is invaluable to her clients. As an appliance sales associate, she assists each client in outfitting their new kitchens with essential and impactful cooking products of all kinds. With her superior product knowledge and expertise, she transforms every kitchen into a welcoming, warm environment. She is involved in the process from start to finish, corresponding with designers, cabinet makers, and everyone in-between, to make sure each aspect of the project works and timelines are met. It is evident in her attention to detail that she enjoys each step of the process--from getting to know each client's culinary needs product installation.