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Favorite Cereal: Kashi Cinnamon Harvst


Jessica Roberts is the Showroom Designer for Mountain Land Design who works to create beautiful, interactive spaces within our locations to help inspire consumers to see the boundless possibilities our products provide.

Jessica believes that no matter the style, good design, high level of craftsmanship, and quality products can lead to better living and that through the showroom consumers should be able to experience the way our products, feel, look and function to be able to decide what will ultimately work best in their own unique spaces.

Jessica has had the opportunity to attend countless training over the years to stay current with the new and exciting products our industry offers. She has successfully designed and executed residential spaces within our commercial buildings and is continuously looking for new and innovative products to integrate into the showrooms.

Jessica began her design education in the fall of 2001 at Southern Utah University, later graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design and then continuing her education at the University of Utah; receiving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art in 2006. That same year she was hired by Mountain Land Design and now 11 years later her designs have changed the landscape of what Mountain Land Design Showrooms look like today.

,P> Jessica has been featured as a specialist in her field offering current trend information in such publications as Utah Style and Design as well as Western Home Journal Park City Edition.