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Favorite Cereal: Green smoothie


Keene has been employed with Mountain Land for 20 years, using his vast knowledge to sell, install, repair, and design hardware. He has worked on countless custom homes and projects, many of which have been showcased in various architectural and interior design publications. The passion and commitment he has for what he does shows through the care he devotes to each client. Spending time understanding the needs of the client, and each individual personality, so as to find a perfect fit for a home, is what makes him an asset to the team. His creativity shines through each project he works on and each interaction he has with clients, both new and repeat.

Keene is very devoted to his family, spending as much time as he can with them when he isn't working. He strives to lead by example--implementing health and wellness in his everyday life. He loves the outdoors, and participates in trail running, biking, and snow hiking. When he isn't immersed in nature, he can be found at home--working with his hands through carpentry, painting, fabricating, and design. It is evident though the way he lives that he loves to learn and create daily.