MLD - Question the Ordinary

After 30+ years of business, we are so proud and excited to announce MLD. MLD represents who we are today and who we will become, without forgetting where we have been. You may have noticed some changes happening around us. Mountain Land Design is now MLD. Read below on what to expect from the new MLD.

Why the Change to MLD?

Mountain Land Design has been in business for over thirty years. When Mountain Land Design was first in business, branding was not the company's main focus. Websites were not even a thing when Dan Devenport purchased the company! But today is 2021, and branding, websites, and SEO are everything. Google runs the world and branding matters. With the growth of Mountain Land Design, we needed a brand that represents who we are today and what we do without losing where we came from and what made us who we are now. In 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, we deemed the perfect time for a rebrand. During that time, MLD was born. Not too far off from our original name, but often what our closest group has called us - MLD. 

What is MLD?

MLD is Mountain Land Design but upgraded. During the rebranding, we determined who MLD is. Thanks to our clients, employees, and closest friends who gave their honest opinions, we know who MLD is. MLD is a rebel. Our strengths lie in leadership, bravery, honesty, experimentation, diligence, and vision. We are not afraid to disturb the status quo or remind what is beyond the ordinary. We are the rule breakers and rule re-writers. We hold a vantage point that illuminates a new direction. We seek to overturn the established order in service of a better world. We service interior designers, builders, and architects in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Our goal is to make the builders, designers, and architects successful in giving their clients an exquisite experience from start to finish. Privately held, MLD can focus more resources towards the success of builders, designers, and architects through an out-of-the-ordinary showroom experience, extraordinary adventures, and beyond ordinary customer service. 

Question the Ordinary with MLD.

You may have already seen some changes from our side of things, and more are coming. Through all platforms, we will be identified as MLD. We hope this will remove any market confusion by creating a new look and identity. Our website is now www.mld.com and our emails are all @mld.com (we are celebrating with you on this one!). Our logo, colors, and design style will now represent who we have been. We look forward to more collaboration with our design and build partners. We at MLD encourage you to question the ordinary.  

What do you think about MLD?

Changes take time, but MLD is the company we have always known and loved. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions! Follow us on Instagram @mountainlanddesign and tell us what does "Question the Ordinary" mean to you!